About us


Dear Friend, Welcome to Les Étoiles: Where Stardust Meets Spirit. My name is Abby, and I would like to share the story behind our brand, named "The Stars" in French, a tribute to our mysterious universe. My journey to founding Les Étoiles was profoundly shaped by my studies at the University of Arizona, nestled in Tucson—a place renowned for its leading geology programs and spectacular stargazing opportunities. It was the perfect setting to connect deeply with both the earth and the sky. Many nights, I found solace by driving to the top of a nearby mountain, where I would sit under the stars, sharing my anxieties with the vast, listening sky. These quiet moments not only offered me comfort but also a profound sense of connection with the universe. It was during these nights that I began to see the stars and galaxies not just as celestial bodies, but as sources of natural, healing energy. Eager to share this source of healing with others, I founded Les Étoiles—a place where each piece of jewelry isn't just an adornment, but a conduit to the healing energies of the cosmos. At Les Étoiles, we view each crystal as a vector connecting us to the galaxy. Carefully chosen and lovingly prepared, our crystals are bathed in moonlight to ensure they are charged with natural, cosmic energy when they reach you. We hope you can experience firsthand the comfort and rejuvenation that "charging" under the night sky can bring, much like how crystals absorb and reflect the energy around them. They are not just pieces of jewelry, but conduits for the healing power of the cosmos, designed to bring a slice of celestial peace to your daily life. Thank you for joining us on this stellar journey. If you are seeking healing or a moment of respite, I hope that Les Étoiles can serve as your bridge to the tranquil energies of the universe. With warmest regards and stardust, Abby Founder, Les Étoiles